Going to see The Kid Who Would Be King

Since I’m a member of the AMC Stubs A-List, I decided that I needed to see a movie tonight. It’s been a bit since my last one because nothing that has come out in the month of January has really intrigued me. I noticed The Kid Who Would Be King is showing, so I’ve decided to give that one a chance. The trailer looks interesting and the premise is silly enough that I will probably enjoy it.

Hoping for a good Wednesday

I had an interesting night with dreams that kept waking me up. I wouldn’t call them nightmares, but they weren’t pleasant either. More shocking in nature to the point that I would wake up. I had planned to write down some of what I could remember, but I was woken up by my parrot wanting attention. The few minutes I spent with the parrot made what I could remember of my dreams go away. Now I can only remember the feeling.

Regardless, I’m hoping today will be a good day. It will all depend on the first 30 minutes at work because I had to make a decision last night before I left that I’m not sure my boss will agree with. I left a note explaining what happened, and I didn’t pass anything off to anyone else. I made sure to state that I would pick up where I left off when I got in today. Crossing my fingers that he understands my position on this.