Following the Hatred

See the source imageI recently saw a post on Mastodon from someone complaining that reading their Twitter timeline made them angry. This was obviously from someone who doesn’t like Twitter because they refused to use the site’s actual name, but I was slightly amazed by the comment because I see it all the time. People constantly complaining that Twitter is a terrible site where you all sorts of terrible things from terrible people.

The problem with that statement is that people choose who they want to on Twitter. No one forces you to follow anyone that you do not like, so Twitter isn’t the problem. The problem is people who feel the need to follow those they do not like or read stuff they do not like and then complain that Twitter is a terrible site.

I’ve been using Twitter since about a year after the site launched, and I enjoy it. Do I see posts that annoy me from time to time? Sure. That’s part of being in society. People do stuff that you don’t like or agree with all the time. However, I make sure to not follow accounts that post stuff regularly that I don’t like. If I follow someone that I do like, but they retweet stuff that I don’t like, I turn off seeing their retweets.

The point is it is possible to make your Twitter timeline work for you and bring you stuff you like. They even allow you to sort tweets, so you see things in the order they were posted. Depending on who you follow, it can take some time to get your Twitter timeline setup in a way that is enjoyable, and I think therein lies the problem with a lot of people. Some people just don’t want to take the time to tweak what they see from certain accounts.

The other problem is this desire to follow stuff because other people are following stuff. “I don’t want to miss out” is a common comment made by those who follow stuff they probably shouldn’t, but then those same people start seeing stuff that makes them upset or angry and eventually pushes them away from the site altogether.

I realize that the site isn’t for everyone. That is why there are so many social networks out there, but I wish people would stop complaining about stuff when they are the ones following certain accounts. If your timeline makes you angry then do something about it. don’t go to another social network and whine about it.

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