To Tweet or Not to Tweet

I may actually be at my limit on Twitter. I’ve been using the site for 11 years now because I liked the idea of micro-blogging back when it first appeared. The ability to share little snippets of what was going on and small morsels of opinions was fun. I’ve always found some accounts to follow that entertain me or enlighten me, but I think I have finally reached the end of my enjoyment almost completely.

Lately, Twitter has felt like a place where people just show up to complain about something they saw and decided to react to. Then someone comments on it in a disagreeable fashion, and it just turns into people arguing with one another. There has always been some form of this on the site for as long as I can remember, but the problem is it feels like it has just escalated to the point where I can’t follow anyone anymore without something blowing up and deteriorating my news feed. Heck, I left Facebook because of this and now I find it has just migrated.

Is it bad of me to actually want some meaningful conversation with others? I have always been interested in learning new things and broadening my view. To be able to do that, I like conversing with others. Unfortunately, I can’t even do that on Twitter anymore. I see someone share something that truly intrigues me, and so I will ask for some additional info like where someone found a statistic or if someone could direct me to the source material of some debate I’m reading. Sadly, I don’t usually get a helpful response anymore. I get anger. People get mad because I asked some follow-up information. My example of a statistic actually happened just a few days ago where I saw someone share it, and I really wanted to know where it came from, but they wouldn’t tell me. How does that even help?! Short answer: it doesn’t.

Maybe I just need a break or something or maybe it is time to move on and find something better. If something doesn’t provide any value at all then why continue doing it. Guess we shall see, but for now, I’ve removed the app from my phone and might check it on the computer from time to time for now.

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