Different Kind of Reading

In a previous post, I mentioned that I had started reading some of the older Marvel comic books because I signed up for the Marvel Unlimited service, and I am really enjoying it. I have now branched out to reading six different series when the plan was to only read one: Avengers. I wanted to read the Avengers from the beginning starting in 1963. The problem is the book kept referencing something that happened in a different comic, so I would get curious and find that book it mentioned and start reading it, and that leads me to another book. I’ve actually had to limit myself to the ones I have if I ever want to get out of the 1960’s in a reasonable period of time.

I’ve now been reading these comics for a couple of months. I’ve read close to 200 comics so far, and it dawned on me that I haven’t really read any of the books I was planning to read in June. It is now the 4th of July (Happy 4th by the way!), and I just realized I had planned to read five books last month. Instead, I’ve just been reading the comics and having a blast. There is something to those early comics that just amuse me. I can definitely tell they were written in a different time, and Stan Lee seemed to have some obsession with alliteration when naming villains.

Something that has made me laugh are reviews that people post on Goodreads about some of these books. I decided to start tracking what I’ve read on Goodreads with the comics when I found out they have each book listed, and I started reading some of the brief reviews. The ones that make me chuckle are the ones that complain the older comics take longer to read because of all the writing in them. Those are the people that give other comic book readers a bad name especially when others are like “you just want to read comics because you don’t want to read.” Apparently, this is true for some people.

I do need to get back to some of the books I’ve been meaning to read, but I’m going to alternate between my books and my comic books. It’s a different kind of reading and one that I didn’t think I’d enjoy as much as I do right now, and I’m glad that I do.

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