Two Peters?!

I recently picked up a subscription to Marvel Unlimited because I wanted to read some of the older comics. Specifically, I wanted to read the Avengers comics from the beginning in the 1960’s. I’ve been working on reading through that series, but it has stalled at like #39 because I’ve started doing what I always do when reading comics: I start getting into other stuff. In this case, I started reading Tales of Suspense after it was referenced a few times in the Avengers comics, and I wanted to see what they were referring to. That then lead to a reference about Spider-Man in Tales of Suspense #58 that made me want to start reading The Amazing Spider-Man comics.

I just finished the first issue, which turns out to be a double issue, and I had to laugh at a mistake that was made early on. The very first panel of the book references Peter as Peter Parker:

Then the second half of the book switches to calling him Peter Palmer:

And the book continues to call him Peter Palmer for the remainder of the second half, which I found very amusing. My guess is it was a lettering mistake that was made, but it still makes it amusing to read. I wasn’t aware that there were two Peters that worked as Spider-Man.

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