New Month New Book

46121414It’s that time again: a new month! And that means a new group of books for Amazon Prime members to pick from to receive a free e-book. I actually enjoy this perk of being an Amazon Prime member because I’ve stumbled upon a few authors that I have fallen in love with through the program. And since I’m a big fan of thrillers, this is the book I picked to read for June: Trance by Adam Southward.

This one actually intrigues me because most of the thrillers I end up reading feature similar types of individuals: some type of patriotic person who is ex-military and now works on his own or with a secret government group stopping dangerous people. For whatever reason, that seems to be the type of thriller I always end up reading and enjoying. This time around it looks like the main character in the book is a psychologist who interviews someone who appears to be controlling others. Sound very interesting.

I do plan to write a review of the book when I am done, and I will post it here on my blog, but first, I am currently working on finishing up another book I have been dying to read: Blue Sky Tomorrows by L.J. Hachmeister. L.J. is in my group of favorite authors and her most recent book came out about six days ago. So that one is my current book and then I will get onto reading Trance and see how good that one ends up being.

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