To Read or Not To Read

I was going over the New York Times Best Seller list when I noticed that Steve Berry had a new book out called The Malta Exchange. This is the 14th book in the Cotton Malone series. One that I have been enjoying, but I realized that I needed to catch up because it has been quite some time since I had read one of Steve Berry’s books. I knew that a couple had come out since I last read a book in the series, so I decided that I needed to figure out where I was in the series to pick up where I left off.

I pulled up my Goodreads list because I use that to keep track of what I have read since I don’t remember very well what I have or have not read. I pulled up the books for Cotton Malone and was shocked to see that I only have the first 2 of 14 books marked as read. This seemed very odd to me since many of the names of books 3, 4, 5, and 6 look very familiar to me. I also pulled up my Kindle library and sure enough. I have like five of the books in my library, which means I purchased them before and most likely read them. Steve Berry is not one I would buy and not read.

The problem is, I read the synopsis of the books that I have, and I can’t honestly remember them at all. I’m not too surprised because I do suffer a bit from memory loss, which is why I like to keep a list of what I have read. I hate picking up a new book and reaching like page 50 or 60 to discover that I know the story and have read it before. I know most people don’t have an issue with reading a book they have read before, but I’m always on the hunt for the new stuff. Kind of a weird flex that I have, but that is me. So now I have this dilemma. Do I just read over the books again or do I just move on to what I don’t have in my library. Maybe I’m overthinking this a bit much. I mean it won’t hurt to revisit a book I’ve read in the past.

I guess on the bright side, I don’t have to worry about buying the books or tracking them down at a library because I already own them. I will probably end up just reading the series starting at book 3 because that is the first one that I haven’t marked as read. It kind of annoys me though because I’ve been working on my Goodreads list for quite some time now and would think that I would have made a mistake like that. I’m sure I overlooked something.

Guess this means I will be reading a lot of Steve Berry in the coming months. I’ve been working on Barry Eisler since the beginning of January to get to a book that I got then. Nothing like a bunch of thrillers to get me through the rest of this winter and into the spring.