Time for a Thriller

The last two books I read were science fiction, which is always a good genre to read, but I’ve decided it is time to go back to one of my favorite passions: thrillers. I recently got a Kindle First Reads book by an author called Barry Eisler. I enjoy Kindle First Reads because it gives me a chance to try a book by an author I haven’t read yet and the thriller on the list sounded like it would be a great choice for me. I jumped on my Goodreads account to add it to my currently reading list and discovered it is like book #10 in a series.

I don’t like jumping into the middle of a series even if the author does a fantastic job of making each book good enough to stand by itself. I always feel like I may miss something from a previous book, so I looked into the series and discovered that the first book is at my local library. They had it, I checked it out, and now I have it and have started reading it. This also means that I have 9 books to read before I can get to the book I picked up from Amazon. I’m not complaining. I’m already a few pages into this book, and the opening has me hooked.

Cover for a Clean Kill in Tokyo by Barry Eisler

So, A Clean Kill In Tokyo by Barry Eisler is what I’m reading now. I haven’t decided if I’m going to read straight through the series to get to the e-book I got earlier this month or if I’m just going to alternate between these books and others I want to read. Actually, I think I have another book at the library ready for pickup, so I will probably alternate between something written by Barry Eisler and something else. That should shake things up. I don’t like the same genre multiple times in a row anyway, so this should help.

I will say I am looking forward to the book after this one too because I’m going to start reading the Mortal Engines series, which I became interested in after seeing the Mortal Engines movie. I have a lot of great stuff to read already and this year is just getting started. I can’t wait!