Decluttering My Digital Life

I spend way too much time looking at various feeds on a handful of social networking sites. I’ve done this for years and never really thought about the amount of time I’m putting into a site and how little I’m really getting out of it. When 2019 hit, I started evaluating changes I would like to make in the new year to improve my life, and I’ve decided that cutting out some of the websites and apps that I use on a daily basis will help me spend more time doing more productive things in my life.

I don’t plan to just randomly stop using stuff. I’m actually putting some thought into what I use each day, how much time I use it for, and what I am truly getting out of it. At the same time, I’m working on picking what would be a good replacement for something I cut out. If I don’t want to use some social media site anymore, what do I plan to do instead? I know one thing I want to do more of is read. I think that would be a good replacement for the time-wasting stuff that I normally do. I have a few other ideas of stuff I would like to spend more time on, and I’m thinking of picking up a new hobby this year.

Yesterday, I made the first step. I decided that out of all the social media sites that I use, Twitter is the one that brings the least amount of value to me for the amount of time that I use it. I deactivated my account last night and removed the app from my phone. I realize that this will be a challenge because I’ve been using Twitter since 2011. I’ve made a habit of looking at that feed multiple times a day and spending a lot of time using it. That is why I started there because I want to see what happens when I cut out the one social media platform that I use the most and how much that will affect me. Time will tell.

I do plan to cut out sites one at a time. I don’t want to cut out a whole ton of stuff right off because I feel that will just make it harder. I want to do it one at a time over throughout the year. Maybe cut out one website/app each month in 2019 and see how I feel by the end of the year. Should be an interesting journey.